Panoramic Dreams of Weathered Inspiration

Here is a way to get the mind consumed by wandering fabrics

And well fed mosaics

Caffeinated thrills

Alive as fireworks twirling to the rhythm of naivete

Surprising joy

No expectations

No complicated passive aggressive dances

No insistence

On keeping bullets on wheels

On preventing collisions

No words spoken

For the sake

of sociopolitical echolocation

Just psychedelic wash

and the invisible

One two three one two three

A healthier brain, I would testify

with my degree in wordless emotional rhymes

So we swim in the waters

of Dan Flavin dreams

As we lead our own dance

with the undomesticated sea

Swirling waves of inebriated

Northern zen skies

Released from our handcuffs

Are the complaints

All of the complaints


As we dive deeper

into the labyrinth of melted helmets

that we familiarize with

Gaudi would plunge in too

I bet

Gaudi would be proud

And colorfully wet

6 AM

Bourdain sin compás

Vistiendo el mapa


Del mismo trazo que acaba de marcar

Porque no hay manera de comenzar


Sin alucinar

Por el beso endrogado

De runas, aceites, y areyto

Y mosaicos


Tan esenciales

Como la neblina

Al empezar la vida