My Favorite Collective Lie

New sounds with an old spirit.

Hi! Collective Lie is a new music project in which I will continue my exploration of catharsis, melodies, and human flaws.

This first EP is titled People Watching. It will be available in August 2022.

Today, we can clearly observe that we are all damaged in some way. Yeah, some more than others. I agree. You will see that, among all the adventures in this 4-song EP,  there are plenty of music gesture that can represent many of us, if not all of us. We can see ourselves in more than just one emotional melody. That may sound a bit gloomy but it's ok. Things are tough and so are we. We'll figure shit out along the way. That's the journey. That's what life is about: a constant search for that which helps us build a better version of who we are today.

People Watching will be available in August 2022.