Is this why I am creative?



¿Pero compitiendo con quien?

It is I who allows

the stimuli to build this

This boxing ring

And this race track

But superiority is not why

I entered this event

Not to outrun others

Or, you know, the opposite

This race is meant

For me to keep

The same speed that emotions sustain

And observe them

See them

The way I was not seen  

when I wished I had been

I am looking at all of this

Data processing I've done

Of what surrounds me

And that you've done

Of what surrounds you


These records of processed data

By myself


in collaboration with others

Will rhyme strong

With enough strangers

For us to continue

Rhyming emotions

As we want

Rhymes as physical and sonic representations

of data processing

I mean,


sound is physical

but you know invisibility confuses most

Others can explain the unseen

better than me

I think

Best you ask them

Maratones. No carreras. Maratones.

The Hottest Hour

Toda esta marea

promete tablas de excel

Suma y no resta

Multiplicación y diversión calculada

Sin tropiezos

Con manzanas

Con furia y fuego

Reflejo y estrella

Toda esta marea

Seduce y desorienta

Promete y truquea

Su destino es la pura deriva

Pero me anclo

Me anclo y pesco

Pesco y me nutro

Me alimento

Pero no me pierdo

Son las 12 del día

y busco adivinar donde está mi norte