Art Objects and Eternity. Thx u.


Thank you for coming. I hope these sounds I've made throughout my life spark up ideas, emotions, and inspiration. My musical gestures are what I can offer to you all. Invisible brush strokes that connect us in a vulnerable conversation we are never brave enough to have in real life.

This blog will serve as a window into what moves me. This is a place where I will share news, ideas, and impressions on things related to film, music, art... well, thought provoking art objects in general. There will be new posts once every 1 or 2 weeks. 

I want to conclude this first blog post with gratitude. Thank you L ( for all of the work you put into creating this great website, and Jorge Luna, Krzy Sien, Karen Walker Chamberlin, and my long time friend and collaborator Carlos Iván Márquez for many of the images in this tiny corner of the internet.

One last thing. This is a thought I've kept to myself for many years:

Eternity is an obsession.

Words, paintings, and caresses.


All eternal until forgotten.


See you again some time within the next 168 hours.